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    How long is the school there ?

    Although a new school is not necessarily a bad choice, a school with a proven track record like ours can offer peace of mind.

    We support the fact carry over 12 years devoted to this activity.

    How many instructors have ?

    A school with several instructors offers:

    • times greater flexibility in.
    • the opportunity to work in different ways and assimilate the same content.
    • safer since the first flight instructor will have a controlling one takeoff and landing.

    Years spent paragliding gives us the expertise to be able to select the best place to fly to the level of each student.

    Where the course is taught ?

    The school is located in Tenerife, so the courses are taught mainly in the island.

    However, can impart on other islands ( El Hierro and La Palma ) long as it meets a minimum set of 5 people.

    What is the maximum and average number of students per instructor ?

    We strongly recommend choosing a school that offers a student ratio:instructor of no more than 3:1.

    Schools with high student ratio:instructor (many students, few instructors) causes that can be given the necessary attention to each student and this entails a commitment to student safety.

    We work with a maximum of 3 students per instructor.

    Is Flexible course schedule?

    A professional school knows the value of your time and adapt to the times in which you can go.

    Our school is mostly supple. We have trainers available to work with you any day of the week.

    We want to learn the volar manera safe. So we give the time and personal attention you need to hone the skills that make a beginner to become a great driver.

    How the course is organized?

    Introductory course

    This course begins some theory of flight and a first contact with the material, teaching the students to raise and control the glider on the ground (bell control).

    Once familiar with the glider performs one or more tandem flights where the instructor teaches the student in situ the behavior that the glider in flight.

    On these flights normally the student takes the controls of the glider in flight under the supervision of the instructor.

    Having flown in tandem the student begins with calls "short flights" familiar with techniques for takeoff and landing. These flights are low altitude.

    Once the student has mastered the takeoffs and landings are passed tallest flights.

    The radio contact with the student on every flight from takeoff to landing.

    Course progression

    This course teaches the student :

    • Flight in slope
    • Thermal flight
    • Control hood back

    And the following security maneuver :

    • Downward spiral
    • Down with Ears / Apricots

    It lasts for two weekends

    What material gives the school and what should I bring myself?

    The school has all the material necessary for the completion of the course:

    • Paragliders of all sizes
    • Paragliding tandem with full equipment.
    • Helmets, chairs, stations, etc.

    The only thing you have to worry is to wear comfortable clothing and mountain boots (or sneakers)

    Are there any limitations on age or weight ?

    Paragliding is an activity that can make almost everyone and does not require a great physical condition. If you have more than 14 years old (with parental permission) and less than 75 years old, you are a candidate for the course.

    To fly no weight limit. We have candles in different sizes that allow us to fly regardless of whatever our weight.

    Is the course expensive?

    For a professional school to be active it must provide security especially his students. The renewed flight material from time to time is a necessary act.

    The cost of each course is to cover the expenses related to. Nobody, absolutely no, is getting rich with this sport.

    When choosing a course by price remember: "You get what you pay for".

    If we buy a new glider, The course will be free of progression !!!

    And after the course ?

    After the course you can keep flying with us. We offer you the opportunity to buy a well-new or second-hand.

    If you do not want or can not afford a computer and want to fly from time to time, also give you the opportunity you can rent.

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